Our Livingston Park School family embraces a culture of diverse and empathetic lifelong learners who are empowered to contribute to our ever changing world with excellence in perseverance, innovation, and global citizenship.

Because we value high-quality education, we believe:

  • All students can and will learn

  • All learning must be standards-based, challenging, relevant, and developmentally appropriate

  • Our teaching must respond to the needs of our students

  • All learning must occur in safe and secure environments

  • All staff will dedicate themselves to supporting student achievement

  • A variety of instructional modalities and technology tools must be used to accomplish student learning

Because we value global citizenship, we believe:

  • Students must explore different cultures and perspectives

  • Students and adults will collaborate and work as a team

  • Students must be able to communicate respectfully

  • Students must have the opportunity to demonstrate proper respect, responsibility, and positive citizenship in their school and community

Because we value family, we believe:

  • All students need positive relationships with faculty and staff members

  • All students need positive adults who can model inclusive behaviors

  • All students need opportunities to develop social and emotional skills

  • All students and staff should be welcomed, accepted and cherished

  • We must care for one another and use thoughtful words and actions

Because we value perseverance and innovation, we believe:

  • Our school should promote and reflect a “growth mindset”

  • Students should be engaged in work that is rigorous, relevant, meaningful and calls for creativity and problem-solving skills

  • All students need specific, actionable feedback on their work

  • All students require instruction that is tailored to their individual needs. 

  • Student-centered instruction allows for students to best demonstrate innovative thinking