In 1896, the people of North Brunswick built Livingston Park School with their own hands. It was a typical one room school "with a pot-bellied stove... a water pail with a tin dipper, coat hooks across the back, teacher's desk on a raised platform... a hickory stick, and of course outdoor sanitary facilities."

Compulsory education was not yet in effect, and the nearest school was miles away. Livingston Park School was opened for ten months of the year and had grades from pre-primer through eighth. By 1922, the school was over crowded, and it was decided that a second room was necessary. "Then, on the morning of February 14, 1928, Livingston Park awakened to find its school building a mass of smoking ruins." After the initial shock, the Livingston Park Civic Association collected over 600 signatures on a petition for a new school, and presented it to the Board of Education. "Appropriations to cover the cost of additional land and the building of a four room school were voted upon by the people of the township at an election in February 1929." The 'new' school, which is what is what we now call 'the old wing', was completed in 1930.

Our school has undergone many changes and has grown tremendously over the past century. Livingston Park School continues to serve the community well, and the students, staff and parents are very proud of our rich history.

Excerpt from Livingston Park School Centennial Literary Magazine. Written by Dinah G. Einhorn, PTA Centennial Chairperson.

The historical information is from a booklet called Livingston Park School 1896-1961, by Mary E.H. Delaney, who was principal of Livingston Park School in 1961.