Livingston Park Elementary School has proudly served the people of North Brunswick, New Jersey, for over 100 years. Located on the same site since 1896, the facility has undergone numerous transformations throughout the years. The Livingston Park family consists of approximately 740 students enrolled in grades K-5.

In recent years, the New Jersey Department of Education recognized Livingston Park as the Middlesex County winner of the Best Practices Award in the category of Citizenship/Tolerance. We were further honored by the New Jersey Department of Education as a Star School - one of only ten in the entire state to receive the designation as an exemplary school. Livingston Park’s Family Circles program was also selected as a Promising Practice by the National Schools of Character program.

At Livingston Park, we believe in a holistic approach to education, recognizing that both the intellectual and emotional growth of our students must be fostered. We also know that good character is developed through teaching, example, and practice and that creating a caring school community is prerequisite to effective teaching and learning. Thus, we are committed to providing that nurturing educational environmentin which our youngsters live and learn how to get along. Our efforts to create such a nurturing environment center around our award-winning peace education/prejudice reduction program - Project Harmony. As a staff who is philosophically committed to on-going peace education, it is our goal to create a more peaceful and harmoniousenvironment by enabling members of our school community to recognize and accept their responsibility to respect themselves and others. Our school community believes that the skills of peacemaking and conflict resolution can be learned and integrated with curriculum.

Our Family Circles program creates opportunities for small cross-sections of students and teachers to meet throughout the year. Time is spent working together on various activities, which create this desired sense of belonging. Thus, we design opportunities for children to connect with other students and staff outside their own classroom.

Livingston Park’s Student Council gives youngsters a voice in school issues. We believe the student government experience promotes citizenship and shared responsibility for the school. These values will carry over into the child’s life anddevelop the student’s sense of community.

Efforts to maintain the highest quality of education are ongoing. The North Brunswick Township Board of Education has adopted a technology plan for the 21st century. As part of that plan, we have an up-to-date computer lab and PC’s in every class. Computers have become an integral part of the total educational program for Livingston Park students.

We employ multi-year teaching or looping as a means of advancing our educational climate with the dual goals of furthering long-term relationships and increasing student achievement. Both staff and parents who view it as a successful means to stimulate the synergy of social and academic goals have praised this practice.

Each year Livingston Park establishes new goals for itself. Currently in an effort to extend enrichment opportunities to all elementary students, we have expanded Project WISE – into a twenty-two week program inviting children to participate in a range of pursuits from mathematical challenges to artistic explorations. We have also initiated an after school tutorial program called Project ASSIST which targets 3rd and 4th graders in need of academic support.

Our teachers represent a mixture of veteran and new professionals who are dedicated to creating the most positive of educational experience for all children. Youngsters benefit from the services of our Director of Elementary Instruction, School Nurse, Gifted/Talented Instructor, Student Counselor, and Child Study Team. In addition, specialists in physical education, art, library science, vocal music, and instrumental music enrich our K-5 program. Programs in Academic Support, Speech, Physical Therapy, and English as a Second Language offer individuals help as needed.

Parents, of course, are valued partners in the educational process and their participation is both welcomed and encouraged. Parents support and strengthen our school programs and contribute greatly to our children’s success through Livingston Park’s PTA - a most active and vital group. Parents and community members volunteer their time in the classrooms. Together, we strive to continue to make Livingston Park a center of excellence for each child’s education.