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1. Fact Monster
Alphabetical listing by country. Find, maps, flags, capital, land area, population, religion, economy, and language. Read history to find when country was founded and famous past leaders.

Use the Encyclopedia link at bottom of page for more facts about landmarks and landforms (see Geology and Geography).

2. Altapedia Online
Countries A to Z. 

Currency conversion, continent maps, population statistics, famous natives, climate, landforms, and travel. 

4. National Geographic Kids
Alphabetical listing by nation. Facts and maps to identify continent. Read about history of country.

5. Time For Kids
Check out "Day in the Life" to learn more about a child's day and what they eat.

6. Epicurious
International Recipes

Search engine. Good search for images.

8. Visit my search page
You must visit Sweet Search!

Report Bibliography
Learn how to cite a website for your Ethnic Food Festival Report Bibliography.


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